Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Model: Saradah

I haven't shot Saradah for a while and I really anjoyed this shoot. She has a lot of energy, and a great personality but I prefer when I can bottle her up and catch her more subdued side. I wanted to continue the studio stuff I have been doing this winter and tried a little variation on the sillouhettes I have been doing and I like the versatility I can get within that framework. I like the sense of sensuality in this set and the soft and subdued quality a lot of them have, I think it goes particularly well with Saradah's hair and her overall figure and skin.


  1. I loved this shoot.. And I really love these images.

  2. Hi, you are a very talented photographer. I am currently modeling for artists, pictures, drawings, and sketches. Do you pay your models? Is he only thing that is supporting my weak economy these days. My name is Ana, 32, from Argentina. Please send me an address where I can send you some pics.