Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Saradah 3

Had another shoot with Saradah over the weekend and did something a little different, had a little more straightforward type of shoot. I still tried to make it interesting by using a lot of shallow depth of field with my EF 35mm f1.4L and my EF 85mm f1.2L Canon lenses. 21 of these were shot @ f1.2, 4 @ f1.4, 5 @ 1.8, and 1 (the macro composite) at 2.8.

These first two were shot with the 85mm f1.2 @1.2. I picked this pose because I wanted it to suggest a sexual position, so that in addition to the connection one makes with the subject through her eye contact, there is a hint of something in the out of focus background.

These three were taken in the shower at f1.2. I like the way water looks on skin and wanted to have a little fun with Saradah. She did well and her personality really jumps out on these.

These next ones are all of her on the bed and all @ f1.2. Again we had a lot of fun and her personality really shows through on these. I was very happy with the amount of different things I could do in a limited space with the same lighting.

These next four were shot with the 35mm wide open @ f1.4. There's a little bit of perspective distortion but I think its ok for these.

These two were shot with the EF35mm f1.4 Lens at 1.4 up against a glass door being pelted lightly by the rain. The lens at this distance cause a little bit of distortion but I was able to work with it and get it to actually slightly flatter Saradah. The shallow depth of field definately adds to the atmosphere of this shot as the light is extremely soft coming from an overcast sky.

This composite was shot with the EF 100mm f2.8 Macro lens.

I am very happy at the performance of these lenses and the way I can really isolate a subjects eyes and face from the rest of its surroundings.