Friday, March 27, 2015

The meaning of pleasure connection

For those that don't know redtube the above link is porn, so if that offends you, don't click.

But for people that aren't lame... This.

So much this.

What is captured in this video is exactly what I hope to capture in my own work, the deeper meaning in sexual activity, the connection that is possible between two (or more) people through the conduit that is mutual pleasure giving and receiving. The absence of duty or trade, and the beauty of the fact that what is celebrated is rapturous for both parties in their own right, not as strictly giver or receiver but as simultaneous co-pleasers and co-pleased. It's perhaps why 69 is my favorite activity, because it's all four happening at once: the pleasure in your mouth and theirs and in their genitals and yours, and your orgasms feed off of each others in a cycle of pleasure without taking turns.

It's so beautiful.