Thursday, August 13, 2009

Macro Porn:Blowjob

I've always liked the idea of porn that brings the viewer in, that's makes it easier for the viewer to see themselves as part of the action, to make the act of viewing the photograph an intimate act. With this series I attempt to accomplish that. By bringing the viewer's attention to the incredibly tight angle of view of the macro lens I hope to engender a sense of universiality in regards to the subject matter; the particular penis becoming a stand-in for penises in general and so on for the mouth and tongue as well. By bringing the viewer in close I am forcing them to see every little detail as if they themselves were in the midst of a sexual act and that there awareness was in that hyper-realm of supersensitivity where they are aware of every texture, every sensation. I want the experience of viewing these images to feel like sex.

Model: London